My New Header. And OTHER stuff.

Yea… Like my header? I REALLY like it! Jessica is becoming WAY too photography though, so she says its really cheesy and she doesnt care much for the lime-ish green. Oh well. TOUGH. Because it’s my blog. I’ll post the whole thing sometime soon. It says “Thank you for reading FIDDY’S BLOG!” (and I thank you guys so much!) Wwll, there’s something… STRANGE with Jessica’s computer. Its taking a LONG time to upload photos!! I wonder why…. hmmm.


Here is what she has to say.

“so. my mom promised me a flip camera for christmas. that didnt happen. she forgot 🙂


why. thats such a NON yay moment, right? You dont get a flip video camera.



my dad offered to get me a proooo camera. of course, not big like his. just the same options but a different body. but i get to use his lenses.

this is an angels floating down and AHHHHHHH-ing and the spotlights moment.

because i get a pro camera.”

life is unfair. Ah, well. I got to do a photoshoot. No pictures though. Computer is WAY acting up!!




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Go check it out HERE! I’m super excited…. (And sorry for NOT posting… There was a terrible stomach bug last week and BEFORE that I had chicken pox. It won’t happen again, trust me 😀 ) I don’t think that Jessica will be getting anything for a while… but I find it nice to have it so I can drool privately. Maybe Christmas?

For those that are too lazy to check it out (hehe like me!), I’m going to post some pictures and prices of my favorite or most interesting ones below.

True Style Outfit for Doll + Charm, $28

What I love: The shirt, the headband and the pants

2-in-1 Running Outfit for Dolls + Charm, $34

What I love: Everything! From the shoes to the shorts to the pants… I think you get the idea 🙂

Fancy Riding Outfit for Dolls + Charm, $34

What I love: EVERYTHING! I ABSOLUTLY adore the jacket 🙂 Looks like an outfit my friend, who is VERY into riding would wear for her PROFESSIONAL equestrian riding competitions.

Pet Show Outfit for Dolls + Charm, $30

What I love: It’s very simple, and not too frilly and girly, like a lot of the new stuff coming out is. Plus, who DOESN’T want to own a dress like this?? It’s pretty and girly, but not over the top. You can use it for fancy occasions, or just the end-of-year school dance! (I think though, if I got this, Thallie and Madi would fight for it. It looks pretty cool, almost SORT OF… maybe not really… couture-ish!) But I think it will be mine and match my eyes 🙂

Innerstar U Outfit & Everyday Accessories for Dolls, $24 (just shown above) or $48 with accessories as well.

What I love: Well, it’s pretty plain, I guess, but the shoes have caught my attention! Also, you can never have enough comfy clothes… right??

Pretty & Plaid Dress for Dolls + Charm, $30

What I love: This is probably not destined to be mine anywhere in the future, but it might suit as a present for Thalls…? I could always borrow the hat 🙂

NOW… you may be thinking WHAT IS THE CHARM FOR? Well… the Just Like You’s… Excuse me… the MY AMERICAN GIRL (EWWW that name is SO CHEESY!) come with a CHARM KEEPER NECKLACE for the charms. Yep. Looks big and bulky if you ask me… and i think they used to have charms from before in the AMERICAN GIRL CLUB. These are plastic. Those were sterling silver.

Active Sneakers for Dolls, $12

What I love: The color. The look. The style. THE NAME. Muahahahah 🙂

Sigh. Healthy Smile Set for Dolls, $14

What I love: NOTHING! Jessica INSISTED I put this up. Because she is getting braces in August. Unlucky for her. And one of us. WHY NOW!? Now one UNLUCKY doll will be getting braces. And you can bet that it will be me. Madi will flat out refuse. Lila will shirk into some book, and Jessica would not want Thallie to be traumatized. Haha. As if. SO it would be me. Sigh. Life.

THEN. There is Unistar U or something. It’s very weird. Like a mix of ‘Club Penguin’, and ‘Webkinz’. Yep. American Girl is following the internet generation. It’s weird, because I thought American Girl was encouraging children to get OFF the internet, not ON it. Hmmm, they might have to rethink what they are going to say… >:) Go HERE to watch the video!



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Jessica decided to do a photoshoot, and she hasn’t had the time to upload them on to the computer. But here are a couple of sneak peeks from last time’s photoshoot for FALL. I don’t know why fall (after all, it was SPRING when we did it). I do like these, and especially the quality, but unfortunatley the quality got ruined. 😦


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just pictures




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The Fiddy-monster has RETURNED!

Heyy all! I just read all the posts, and I feel pretty humiliated. *ahem* Thallie. *ahem* Well, some good news! I came out of the box. I was immeaditly surrounded by people who finally put my head on my body, and welcomed me back. I went into my new room, which Jessica had been working on. Thallie shares it with me, and the girls all share the dorm. I LOVE IT! I’ll post pics soon, you guys, I promise. I’m just settling in…



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Long Story Short

Sooooo this is Thallie. As usual. We are all really anxious for Fiddy to return, it’s been a while! She emailed me to update her blog. She’s says it’s getting boring. But I don’t have anything to blog about!

This is Minette. I’m just going to tell Thallie: Thalls, DON”T BE MODEST!

Okay, okay, so what she’s saying is that I got into this American Girl thing called Model Island. It’s really really really cool.  I heard about it from Becky, she was the winner last year. But anyway, I’m going to be in it! I’m one of the finalists, and the live audience voting is going to be soon! I’m terrible excited, I hope I win! I won’t tell you who I’m going against, well… I guess I could. Fine. So I’m competing against Ruthie and Nellie. They are both terribly pretty, but to be honest, I think Nellie needs more practice! 😛

Well, to be fair, as I said before, modeling is NO joke (or DID I say that before…?), and it is tiring, but very worthwhile. Jessica took some smashing (tehee, I’m being English!) pictures of me and I’m really excited, and I’d want to show you some sneek peeks, but I can’t. Because Jessica’s parents went on a trip, and they took the camera, before she could download the pictures. It’s a little disappointing, but that’s life. Oh well.

That’s all!


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Music Survey: pass it on!

Rules: Put your music player on shuffle. Press forward for each question. Use the song title as the answer to the question. No cheating! Which basically means some of these answers will make no sense… But some are pretty cool. 🙂 After you have finished, chose THREE people to follow in your footsteps…or tag them, in blog talk.

How am I feeling today?

Mary Jane Shoes – Fergie

Will I get far in life?

Sweet Child of Mine – Guns N’ Roses

How do my friends see me?

Begin Again – Colbie Caillat

Where will I get married?

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

What is my best friend’s theme song?

Lucky – Jason Mraz (YEA! She got EyeSwaps!)

What is the story of my life?

Should’ve Said No –Taylor Swift (No, really?)

What is/was high school like?

The Frog Prince – Keane (ermmmmm)

How can I get ahead in life?

She’s out of my life – Micheal Jackson (Who?)

What is the best thing about me?

Everything – Micheal Buble (Awww! Thanks!)

How is today going to be?

One Time – Justin Bieber

What is in store for this weekend?

Night and Day – Sergio Mendes and Brasil ’66. (Well. I know THAT)

What song describes my parents?

Bop to the Top – Do I even need to say it?

My grandparents?

Drinking Champagne – Myra English (LOL!)

How is my life going?

Haiti – Knightsbridge (Does it mean that I’m gonna be a mess?)

What song will they play at my funeral?

She Has No Time – Keane (Well, yeah, if I’m dead!)

How does the world see me?

I’m You – Leona Lewis (uuuuummmmm)

Will I have a happy life?

Another Part of Me – Micheal Jackson (sureeeee)

What do my friends really think of me?

Processional and Maria – Sound of Music….

Do people secretly lust after me?

Her Majesty – The Beatles

How can I make myself happy?

She Came in Though the Bathroom Window – Beatles (Reallly?????)

What should I do with my life?

A Beautiful Mess – Jason Mraz

What is some good advice for me?

Under the Weather – KT Tunstall

What is my signature dancing song?

Crazier- Taylor Swift (I think some people can relate!)

What do I think my current theme song is?

Gold Digger- Glee Cast (I AM NOT)

What does everyone else think my current theme song is?

Bigger – Justin Bieber (Um, sure)

What type of men/women do you like?

I Can’t Take my Eyes off You – again, do I have to say it?

Um, Well! I think I’m gonna need to take off HSM! And guess who put them on??? Well, I won’t say, except it starts with an F for Fiddy, I for Iddy, D for Diddy, another D for Didy, and a Y for Yiddy. (Friends…)

Well, I choose:

  1. Becky…of course!
  2. Cali (love you!)
  3. Lolaaaaaa (LOL!)

You guys ROCK! I love ya!

PS, I’m gonna try out this challenge. you guys do too!



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